Can I use Aloe Vera as Aftershave

Most aftershaves on the market contain harmful chemicals that are terrible for your skin. One excellent alternative to these toxic substances is to use aloe vera as aftershave. However, is this a good practice? Can you really use aloe vera s aftershave?

Yes, aloe vera can be used as an aftershave because it will sooth the skin, reduce irritation and close the pores. In fact, it is the best natural alternative to chemical aftershaves. Many men use aloe vera with lidocaine as an aftershave.

Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t use aloe vera if you are allegoric to it. Based on its strength, aloe vera could cause an allergic reaction.

Let’s find out more about this miracle plant and why it’s an excellent option to be used as aftershave.

Why is Aloe Vera So Good  For Your Skin?

Aloe vera, aka lily of the desert, burn plant, and elephant’s gall is one of the most sought-after medicinal plants.

why use aloe vera as aftershave

Aloe vera offers health benefits for your holistic health but it is also great for your skin. The benefits of aloe vera come from the fact that it is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and polyphenols.

Moreover, Aloe Vera is free! Some aftershaves can be rather expensive. For example, Creed aftershaves are very expensive.

Does Aloe Vera Help With Cuts After Shaving?

To be precise about the benefits of aloe vera, it is primarily an immunity booster. It strengthens the body by improving the detoxifying abilities of your body and skin.

Aloe vera gel also has an anti-septic effect that efficiently helps in the healing of wounds and provides protection from bacterial and fungal infections. Many people alo use aloe vera as shaving cream and there are many shaving creams that contain aloe vera.

Therefore, when it comes to any accidental cuts while shaving, aloe vera is an excellent choice.

What Are The Effects Of Aloe Vera On The Skin?

In its purest form, aloe vera soothes and calms your skin, something that is extremely essential when shaving. It also provides a texture that is very refreshing and soft for the future growth of hair.aloe ver gel as aftershave

Aloe Vera gels into your skin quite naturally and it is quick to absorb. You can peel off the foreskin and massage the gel over your freshly shaved skin.

In no time, the gel will be quickly absorbed into your skin, without creating any sort of irritation.

You will also feel refreshed and soft and the feeling will be much different and natural as compared to when you use an aftershave.

Other Benefits Of Aloe Vera For The Skin

Aloe vera benefits the face and the hair by protecting them and enhancing the roots and the cells.

The anti-bacterial abilities and easy availability of aloe vera make it a must-use medicinal plant.

One can use it as a conditioner, as a hair mask, face mask, massage gel, natural laxative, face scrub, and even as a moisturizer.

When it comes to aloe vera’s usage as an aftershave, it covers every possible aspect, the best one’s being:

  • The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of aloe vera allow it to soothe shaving cuts
  • You will not experience that discomforting itch that normally comes as soon as you apply aftershave. Aloe very is purely natural and doesn’t lead to stinging and itching.
  • It restricts any sort of fungal infection which is easy to develop in cases of cuts
  • Aloe’s vitamins and minerals will work wonders for your skin and facial hair, including that beard!
  • You can save money on some fancy aftershave and just grow a plant instead.

Best Aftershaves With Aloe Vera

Below is a list of the best aftershaves with aloe vera available on the market:

Bestseller No. 1
THAYERS Gentlemen's Collection Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Aftershave Balm,...
508 Reviews
THAYERS Gentlemen's Collection Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Aftershave Balm,...
  • Natural Botanical Ingredients: witch hazel extract and filet of aloe vera
  • Witch Hazel: proprietary extract contains 195% more tannins than competitors, tightens pores,...
  • Beneficial Tannins: mild antioxidant properties, reduces irritation, balances skin pH, clears skin
SaleBestseller No. 2
Aloe Vera After Shave & Body Gel | 99.75 % Organic | Natural...
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Aloe Vera After Shave & Body Gel | 99.75 % Organic | Natural...
  • YOU GET THE BEST INGREDIENTS: Contains 99.75% pure aloe vera gel; cold pressed from farm grown aloe...
  • YOU GET RID OF AFTER SHAVING IRRITATION: Nature's nourishing answer to nicks, cuts and shave burn;...
  • NATURE'S PERFECT AFTERSHAVE AND BODY GEL: Use after showers and shaving as an aftershave and an...
Bestseller No. 3
Organic Aloe Vera Gel for Natural Skin Care | 100 % Pure Aloe Vera |...
3,270 Reviews
Organic Aloe Vera Gel for Natural Skin Care | 100 % Pure Aloe Vera |...
  • Organic Aloe Vera: Pure organic aloe vera gel, 100% Organically grown, farm harvested in Texas and...
  • The miracle called Aloe: Use daily to soothe and moisturize your skin, hair, body and face....
  • Feed your skin; don't cover it up: Cold pressed for maximum potency retention and charcoal filtered...
Bestseller No. 4
Proraso After Shave Balm, Protective and Moisturizing with Aloe Vera...
1,703 Reviews
Proraso After Shave Balm, Protective and Moisturizing with Aloe Vera...
  • After Shave Balm moisturizes and strengthens your skin
  • Reduces redness and improves skin tone
  • Natural-based formulation without mineral oils or artificial colors

Can I Use Aloe Vera Gel to Shave My Legs?

Yes, you can use aloe vera gel to shave your legs but you should note that it does have some side effects.

Some of these side effects include dry skin and a greasy residue on your razor.

Can I Sleep with Aloe Vera Gel on My Face?

Yes, you can sleep with aloe vera gel on your face. This is because aloe vera gel is made up of water, glycerin, and mineral oil.

All of these are natural ingredients that will not harm your skin when you sleep with it on.

Is it OK to Use Aloe Vera on Your Face Everyday?

The answer is yes. Aloe vera can be used to relieve a variety of skin problems when properly utilized.

Therefore, it’s a great option to consider for use on your face every day. It’s also quite safe and beneficial.


While shaving can make you look suave, it can certainly make your skin rough if you don’t moisturize properly after shaving.

Shaving is an important manly routine and there are ways to make it more comforting for your skin.

The aftershaves available are filled with chemical softeners and aren’t quite healthy for your skin, but aloe vera will do the job just as well.